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How to Order Course Materials

How do I order my course materials?
Please click the textbooks tab to find your required course materials for each of your courses. You can quickly Lookup by Course or Student ID.
Do I need to purchase ALL of the course materials listed for my courses?
Course materials listed as:
-Required or Choice are submitted by your instructor as a requirement to pass their course.
-Instructor Recommended are not required but are submitted by your instructor as an additional resource to help you pass their course.
-Optional are listed by the bookstore as an alternative or component of the Required course materials like an access code.
How do I look up my course materials with a course schedule?
1. Select term, department, course, & section
2. Click the Lookup Courses button
3. View course materials & click add to cart


Order Processing

How long does it take to process my order?
During business hours, online orders are processed throughout each day. Please check your email or Click Here to see the current status of your order.

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