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All rentals are due by May 7th!

Hey UCA Bears!

Spring rentals are due Friday, May 7th, 2021.


See how to return below!


1) Visit us in store! See our finals week hours below:

Monday, May 3rd- 8 am-5 pm

Tuesday, May 4th- 8 am-5 pm

Wednesday, May 5th-8 am-7 pm

Thursday, May 6th- 8 am-7 pm

Friday, May 7th- 8 am-7 pm

Saturday, May 8th- 8 am-5 pm



2) Use our dropbox! We now have a 24 hour locked dropbox outside our front door for returns. Please make sure your name is on each rental, rubberband any loose leaf books, or bundles. Once your books are checked in, you will receive a confirmation email.


3) Mail them back! Please call or email us to let us know when they are on the way! Please ship any rentals to this address: 201 Donaghey Ave, ATTN: Bookstore, Conway, AR 72035

For return labels, click here:Return Label

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns by calling (501) 450-3414 or emailing us at